Weight Loss

Lifting Weights

I believe that the foundation for weight loss is a healthy lifestyle which includes a good balance of the right foods and plenty of exercise, water and sleep. It is a lifestyle and not a pattern of the latest fad diet.


To help accomplish this goal, a nutritional foundation is necessary (see our JuicePlus+ page) as our diets lack many of the essential nutrients we need to live, grow and maintain health in today's disease ridden society.


Water must be consumed daily and it must be pure and clean. My guide is to take your body weight and divide it in half. That is how many ounces of water you should consume on a daily basis. If you partake in caffeine like coffee, soda, teas and so on..... please add 8 oz. MORE of water per day for each 8 oz. of caffeine you ingest. This will keep you hydrated, energetic and toxins being relseased from your body.


Did you know that 85% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Migraines and headaches can often be relieved with a very large glass of water or 2. Try it the next time you have one!


Sleep -- this is where I need to focus. We all need to get a good amount of sleep per night. Everyone is a little different and can function on different amounts. Adults typcially need about 8 hours a night for proper functioning. This is un-interrupted and restful sleep and can certianly be challenging. Those that go to bed before midnight have the best rest.


Being active and exercising through the day and not too soon before bed is also very helpful in helping the body to burn calories all day and night and help you to have a more peaceful and effective sleep.


All of these things aid in the process of maintaining or losing weight effectively. If you need a jump start and want to get some quicker results, try the following: walleyworks.myitworks.com in addition to the proper nutrients, water intake, sleep and exercise.


To Your Health,