Wellness Seminars

We are available to educate you, your family, friends, colleagues and clients on living healthier lifestyles through making simple changes.


A basic wellness talk consists of a wide variety of tools that can help you to make these changes, resulting in improved health, benefits like possible improved energy, less effects of stress, slowing down the signs of aging & obtaining a better quality of life.


Through the process of addressing the problems we are facing today as adults and children, why they are happening and what we can do about it, we can become aware of necessary changes.


Our nation is currently battling a huge problem of poor health, nutrition, obesity, disease and more. It is costing everyone! We can and are changing these odds. It all starts with education and awareness and a desire to learn and change.


There are many wonderful free events happening all around the country and overseas on a wide variety of health related topics. Some are focused on a specific topic but all involve some form of nutrition. It is the basis for beginning a healthy lifestyle. Talks are done by a variety of professionals and all bring something different to the table. Contact me for more information and to see what is available in your area.


Wellness talks are done in person when available and on the phone as well. Just invite a group of people and we can set up a date/time to do so ~ on the phone in about 30 minutes. This is a great way to enjoy from your own home or office and from anywhere! No need to get dressed and commute. Kick back and relax… and take the information in. Talks are free of charge so call or e-mail to book your presentation today! You can make a real difference in your life and that of someone you care about! You will be glad you did!


Email us to book a Wellness Presentation!