About Us

I was not always health conscious or interested in nutrition, as I always had healthy checkups. After 2 miscarriages, however, changed my life and began my current journey, as I learned that my body cannot properly absorb or utilize vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid ~ key components in a healthy pregnancy.


I also discovered that high homocysteine was a major factor in my failed pregnancies.


Homocysteine is an amino acid (everyone has it), which is normal at 10 or below - mine was toxic at 17, an indicator of a likely early death of any cause, particularly heart disease, stroke, blood clots and Alzheimer's.


The way to lower and manage homocysteine is to eat a daily diet rich in anti-oxidants - fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and supplements will not cut it. Real food is the solution and my body needed to get much more of it, to absorb more nutrition.


I already ate fruits & veggies, and was looking for a way to get more nutrition, without the cost, effort and mess of juicing lots of produce daily.


We have continued to learn from world-renowned doctors in many fields on a weekly basis for several years. The range of specialties has given us a wealth of knowledge on health, wellness, and nutrition and disease prevention.

My focus is on keeping my family healthy. Fueled by a family history of heart issues, breast cancer and more; I want to do all I can to give my family a fighting chance and help others to do the same.


I dream of a world with less disease, where cancer is rare and where schools offer healthy foods that help kids learn, focus, perform better and are sick less often. They have more energy and teach future generations the same lifestyle. It is happening, slowly, as change is hard, and people are confused about how to take personable responsibility for their health.


I am a mom on a mission and together we are a family who cares about helping people achieve optimal health. We want to share what we have learned with others. We provide free wellness talks for businesses, corporations, families and friends, and through various forms of media that allow a personal touch. Contact me for more information.

The journey to health takes time, effort and dedication, in lots of baby steps. Anyone can do it!